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ediscovering Knowledge & Arts

The word REKA in which we are proud to call our organization, our home, is a shorter version of the phrase above. It represents the initial reason for our existence, an organization that is ever-relevant in applying all that science and technology has to offer into impactful innovations, with great user experience, expressed together through art.

This was what me and my first partner, Iqbal Ryu had set as our way of doing things, a standard if you will. That REKA essence, embodied into our logo, is a symbol of our commitment towards the empowerment of technology both locally and globally.

It has provided me and the teams, old and new generations with the inspiration to persevere through various challenges over the years. That has never wavered even after going a long way all these years.

Now more than ever, the world is ever-reliant on technology with automation at every step of the way and at a point we were at the forefront of these automation technologies, having built Autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles, the first ones in Malaysia, we are proud to have such an opportunity in contributing back with technology.

REKA was and always is an R&D company that focuses not just on autonomous machinery but on other science and tech disciplines as well such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. We wanted to build cool things that impact positively to the environment, society and the planet. 

What does that mean? We’ve expanded our range of developments alongside the growth of peREKA in the team. As an R&D company, we apply Autonomous technology to not just cars, but to systems, apps, electronics, APIs even websites have a piece of our autonomous technology. It’s a way of making machines, softwares to perform tasks for us better. We’ve rebuilt our technology anew and deconstruct our old ones finding a newer and better ways of deploying our solutions. Teams are new and refreshed, to get a new perspective on technologies we once had. 

We’ve had a good run and now, we have the opportunity to run even faster, further ahead with our tie up with SERV. Arief approached me some time ago and proposed a crazy idea, a journey that will take quite a number of years to my retirement plan but it’s going to be an exciting one. As a group, we can and we will aim for greater heights, even space. It’s an opportunity for both organizations to grow and inspire one another, complementing, empowering.

As such, as an extension to our initial essence, Rediscovering Knowledge & Arts, we would like to excel in technology with the aim to ‘Enable People To Create’, a fitting kind of mantra that better represents our culture and would resonates well with the group’s own mission of ‘To Serve People’.

Moving together, we pave the way for Autonomous Mobility to be accessible to everyone, putting the users’ needs ahead of ours, creating great innovations that impacts the planet positively. With a much more focused aim, our symbol will need to represent this.

REKA is not a conventional company. What we do and how we do things are always evolving. With those considerations in mind, we are excited to share a new brand identity that aims to make REKA more accessible and useful to our users—wherever they may encounter it.

Since our beginning, the REKA’s homepage has been strikingly simple: The dual-page style, playful shapes with our logo sits in the middle, centered on a dark-colored canvas representing our exploration into the unknown of science and technology. But as technology moves forward, the canvas itself is changing, and we have to adapt. 

For me, this is a very exciting new chapter in the life of REKA, improving the transparency and oversight of what we’re doing, making REKA even better through greater focus. And hopefully… as a result of all this, improving the lives of as many people as we can. What could be better? Pssst….by the way the group or rather the family is still growing. And yeah, if it feels a bit overwhelming, you’re not alone, me and Arief are still figuring out all the snags.